Thursday, November 24, 2016

A New Chapter for Old School Farm

Old School Farm Manger, Dave Campeau and farm interns gather around the wood fired oven at our first event

The first season of friday night pizza nights is now behind us and as we reflect back, we are quite pleased with the outcome.   From just thirty people at the first event back in June to well over one hundred attendees consistently for the last three or four events, the product we are producing has spoken and the associated word of mouth and repeat business propelled us forward.

Farm Owner, Al Benner poses with guest at final event in Oct.
We became such a success that on two or three occasions we ran out of dough.  We also experienced some hour long wait times on a  couple nights.  With success comes new challenges!

We are now taking a long hard look at our model and will be tweaking it a bit for next season.  For starters we will be going to a once a week format as opposed to every other week.   We are also considering taking advance bookings/orders for pizzas over the website to better regulate flow and enable those who would prefer not to wait a bit and socialize to be able to better time the pick up of their pies.

Finally, a large "Woodstock" type event is planned for the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend 2017.  This will include a bike ride along the Dyberry stream, pizza, bonfires, bands, and a campout in the pasture along the banks of our trout stream.  Details will be posted on our Facebook page as they unfold.

The Parking Crew at our first event

We are excited about our pizza events for several reasons:

  • They offer some much needed socializing and entertainment (live music) in our rural area.
  • Our wood-fired pizza with fresh farm ingredients really puts a smile on people's faces
  • We are helping to establish and grow the local economy and plan on dealing with even more local suppliers for ingredients we can't provide ourselves.
  • We have landed upon a model that looks to be a viable way for the farm to become financially self-sustaining.

Here are quite a few photos from events this past season.  We will be opening back up in early May for 2017.  If you would like to get on the event email list, please send us an email at     Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...   Your Friends at Old School Farm

See you all in May!!