Monday, August 15, 2016

Pizza Night at Old School Farm

For anyone who has been following our farm blog, we have some exciting news -  Pizza Nights at Old School Farm!

We started these the end of June and our last event this past Friday saw 75 pizza lovers at the farm enjoying what many claim to be the best pizza they have ever had.

The secret is our wood-fired earthen oven that we constructed close to five years ago.  We top our pies with homemade sauce and farm fresh ingredients and cover them with cheeses made locally at Calkin's Creamery.

Stop by or spread the word for our next event on Friday, August 26th.  

Here's our Events Page on Facebook


  1. Dave--if you guys get a Yelp page going I'll add a positive review. Glad I got to attend a pizza gathering there in the past and hope to again on one of my visits to town. These more official pizza nights should be a draw for foodies far and wide if you can get the word out.

  2. looks great, Al - still remember time spent at Old School in 2010 fondly. I now am a P.E. (civil engineer) working for the City of St Louis Water Division. My wife and I were blessed with a son (Emil Christopher) last year as well! Would love to get up to Honesdale sometime - who knows - meantime I appreciate the blog posts. Your friend, Mike Kelly

  3. Looks so good. You have a very nice blog.

  4. Looks so good. You have a very nice blog.

  5. Thanks Linda! If you ever are in our area - please look us up!


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